As a Food Scientist, I have created 100's of Organic products for major brands. Although I felt great about the food I designed, I was disheartened that good food was being packaged in plastic and non-recyclable containers.  


After evaluating food and packaging waste, I realized we are squandering our natural resources.  Somewhere along the path, our food system got off track.  This fueled the idea for 8 Track Foods.  


We are a brand on a mission to design products that sustain our planet and feed our growing population by reducing food waste, single-use plastic, and food insecurity.


We launched 8 Track Foods to create a sustainable line of premium canned products (and packaging).  We focus on our products' lifecycle to eliminate waste at every point in the process.  We grow, can, and distribute our Organic food in America.  This method keeps the carbon footprint (our tracks) on the planet a little lighter.  By stocking your pantry, we are stocking a better future.  


Join us in getting back on the right track!


Maggie Seng Sadowsky

Food scientist & mom

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